CrowdSuit helps stop companies from taking advantage of
you and donates money to your favorite charities.

It's free and easy to assign a claim.


What is CrowdSuit?

At CrowdSuit we're working to

lower your cell phone bill, and
donate to your favorite charity.

Just tell us you want in.


How does CrowdSuit work?

Many cell phone service providers have been adding "administrative fees" to their customers’ bills. These fees are usually only a dollar or two every month, but they are outside the amount customers agreed to pay—an obvious violation of previously signed contracts.

CrowdSuit’s mission is to reverse this trend by bringing lawsuits against companies that breach their contracts and exploit their customers. This works by having a large group of exploited customers “assign” their claims or grievances to CrowdSuit, which then sues the companies in court.


How do I assign my claim?

It’s simple. Just go to the discover page and find your cell phone service provider. Fill out the information so we can verify that you are a customer of that company. Be sure to vote for your favorite non-profit or charity. From there, you can choose to assign your claim to us, which essentially gives us the legal claim against your cell phone service provider that you would otherwise have.  Once you click "assign," we will be able to bring suit against your company just as if we were you, but without needing to involve you in any way or putting you at any risk. You can receive updates about the lawsuit against your provider if you want, but you don’t have to do anything.


Why should I assign my claim to 
CrowdSuit? Can’t I just sue these
companies myself or be a part of a class

Technically, you could sue your cell provider individually, but it would almost certainly cost much more money to litigate than the claim is actually worth. You’d be losing money. Class actions are the traditional way for consumers to sue companies where the damages are very small but affect a lot of people. However, even though you probably don’t know it, by signing your cell phone contract, you have waived your right to be a part of a class action lawsuit. By waiving your right to be a part of a class action you are unable to fight against these types of practices in the traditional way and the only affordable way.

Customers are stuck in this legal paradox where they have no realistic recourse and all the while the cell phone carriers are taking billions of dollars without any fear of being held responsible… until now.


When will my bill be lowered?

CrowdSuit is a brand new solution to a problem that has existed for years. We are pioneering a new area of consumer protection. We are excited about it and you should be too. We feel incredibly confident that we will be successful in holding companies responsible when they don’t play by the rules. However, what we are attempting to do has never been done before. Therefore, we can’t guarantee any results. We will get started as soon as we get a meaningful number of people to assign their claims. So spread the word!


Where does donating to my favorite
non-profit or charity come in? 

If we succeed in court, we may recover money that has already been unjustly taken from you. In a class action, people might get back a check for a dollar or two, an insignificant amount. Instead of taking this approach, we try to do something significant with any judgment or settlement. After paying the costs of litigation, we’ll take half of every award and donate it to the top charities and non-profits that you voted for.


So, wrap it all up for me.

First, the expense and difficulty of litigation means that recovering the fees the companies have been unfairly taking from you is just not worth the time or money to you individually. You can’t practically recover those fees on your own. You are stuck in the contract. The only way to fight back to try to stop this practice is to assign your claim to CrowdSuit. We take it from there and fight the company in court to make it stop its illegal practices. There is no cost and no risk to you. Your assignment helps us achieve the “critical mass” it takes to make an impact and set a precedent that will make other companies wary of trying the same thing. You'll also be directing a portion of any recovery to a charity or nonprofit. By supporting CrowdSuit, you get to be part of a wave of reform that will likely impact every American in a very positive way—and that’s a big deal.

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