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What is a claim assignment?

A claim assignment essentially gives CrowdSuit the legal claim against your cell phone service provider that you would otherwise have.  We will be able to bring suit against your company just as if we were you, but without needing to involving you or putting you at any risk. As a result of this assignment CrowdSuit will work to lower your cell phone bill, contribute to your favorite charities, and send a strong message to companies that they can’t exploit their customers. Remember: the greater the number of assignments, the greater the impact, so spread the word.

What happens to my information?

CrowdSuit takes the minimum amount of information we need for litigation. We need to be able to prove in court that you are a customer and that you have a contract. We don't sell any information and all data is encrypted. No fees are required of assignors and we never ask for credit card or bank information. We only ask for what we need to litigate.

What happens next?

After you assign your claim, that’s it. Carry on with daily life. CrowdSuit will do the heavy lifting and keep you informed about the latest developments and results regarding your claim.

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