Sprint Administrative Fee


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If you currently have a Sprint cell service contract, or had one at any time after 2006 and are the account holder, you are eligible to assign your claim.

Sprint has been charging its customers an "administrative fee" which currently stands at $1.99 per line per month. This fee is not part of the contract customers signed and is levied without customer knowledge or consent. Sprint will not let customers out of their contracts over this issue without paying an early termination fee or remove the charge.

Because of the waiver language in their contracts, customers cannot bring a class-action lawsuit to challenge this action. It is also highly unlikely that any individual customer would sue Sprint for their $23.88 annual damages—it would cost far more money to file a lawsuit than a person could possibly recover ( a so-called "net negative value claim"). Therefore most of us grudgingly put up with the charge because it isn’t a lot of money over the lifetime of the contract—but it is a huge deal to Sprint, which generates over $600 million per year by stealing $1.99 per line per month from each customer.

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