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If you currently have a T Mobile cell service contract or had one at any time after 2006 and are the account holder, you are eligible to assign your claim.

T Mobile charges its customers an arbitrary "Regulatory Program Fee" of $1.61 per line per month. This fee is not part of the contract customers signed and, despite what the name suggests, it is not a tax or government required charge. It simply goes to T Mobile's bottom line. Furthermore, T Mobile will not let customers out of their contracts over this issue or remove the charge.

Because of the waiver language in their contracts, customers cannot bring a class-action lawsuit to challenge this action. It is also highly unlikely that any individual customer would sue T Mobile for their $19.32 annual damages—it would cost far more money to file a lawsuit than a person could possibly recover (so-called net negative value claim). Therefore most of us grudgingly put up with the charge because it isn’t a lot of money over the lifetime of the contract—but it is a huge deal to T Mobile, which generates over $500 million per year by taking $1.61 cents per line per month from each customer.

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