T-Mobile Binge On

T-Mobile Binge On

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If you are a T-Mobile wireless customer who has "Binge On" or "Music Freedom" you are elligible to assign your claim. You must be the account holder in order to assign your claim.

In late 2015, T-Mobile announced its new "Binge On" service that allows customers to use certain video services without that data counting towards data caps. This program was to complement the "Music Freedom" program that was already in place. While these programs have been touted as pro consumer choice, they stand in stark contrast with net neutrality principles and work to limit competition. These types of zero rating schemes have been rejected around the globe as clearly violating net neutrality. Specifically, these programs throttle customer speeds and discriminate amongst types of data online. 

In January of 2016, a Standford Law professor published an article on exactly how these programs violate the net neutrality rules and why they are harmful to consumers. You can check out that article HERE.

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